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Drift Jewelry Designs

Artist Corey Johnson opened Sundance & Friends with her husband Scott in 2011. Shortly after, she started her own jewelry line, Drift Jewelry Designs. Her designs are made with Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Filled, 14K Gold, Mixed Metal, Leather & All Natural Gemstones.

Shop Drift Jewelry in Store or Give Us a Call to Order

Look through the photos below to shop Drift Jewelry. Click into any image for information on materials and price. 


(719) 966-5361

Birthstone Beads

Drift Jewelry Repairs & Replacement

Corey will do repairs ONLY on her own Drift Jewelry line. If you have a piece of jewelry made by her that needs repairing or replacing, please reach out or bring it by for her to take a look.*


If you have lost an earring and are looking or a replacement, email us a photo of your missing earring and if it's a piece that Corey can replicate*, you can send it to us or bring it to the store for her to make you a matching earring (sold as single or a full replacement pair).


*The ability to repair or replace any Drift Jewelry item is dependent on material availability*

Custom Orders

The Drift Jewelry line is vast and diverse, not all of the items are represented on this page or even in the store at any one time - there's just too many different designs. If you've seen an item by Drift in store and are wanting to order it, email us with a photo to get started or give us a call to see if we can help you track it down. 

Some of these designs can be customized by type of metal, gemstone, and style. For example, if you see a silver hoop earring with turquoise beads and you want it in gold with lapis lazuli. Or maybe you see a gemstone on a necklace and you want that stone as an earring set.


If you see something you like and want to customize it, email us your request with a photo reference or give us a call to find out if it's something Corey can create for you. 

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